Why Use Check-able?

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Automatic Checks

Automatically check driver's licences as often as you choose, reducing risk, insurance premiums and uninsured losses and re-assuring customers that assets are in safe hands

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Driver Reviews

Obtain verified feedback about your drivers, highlighting the best drivers and helping you to provide a first class customer service.

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Check-able ID

An ingenious but simple to use QR code scan, presenting your customers with a verified photograph of the driver, and the company that he works for. This information can be easily saved for future reference providing an audit trail of asset handovers, thus tightening security and re-assuring customers



The Check-able project is owned and run by RGR Solutions Ltd, the directors of which have a combined experience of over 50 years in the professional driving industry. The ultimate aim of the project is to make many positive changes to the professional driving sector, for everyone involved.

Check-able is a security focused, review based Driver Management and Security system. Users and members are given the opportunity to give feedback about the driver that collects or delivers their assets. These reviews can be used to monitor a drivers progress and professionalism. The reviews can also be used by to demonstrate the level of service that you as a Logistics company are giving to current customers and to end users, so helping you to win new contracts and to keep existing ones.

Asset collection points are able to enhance site security by using our simple to use QR scan which quickly and easily scans a drivers QR code in order to confirm the drivers details. These details can then be saved and referred back to if necessary.




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