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Licence Checks allow for companies to request a digital version of the licence from the DVLA with the drivers consent. This is a really simple system which can be accessed from an employed driver, or from a basic check.
  1. From either the basic checks or employed drivers link, click the drivers actions button
  2. Select 'start licence check'. This will take credits from you and send the check to the driver
  3. The driver will receive an email which they must approve before the licence check process can begin
  4. After the driver has approved the licence check, the data will be imported against them automatically after around 30 minutes. You can trigger this process manually by visiting the 'licence check' page within the company cashboard
  5. Following this, you can request a re-check at any point. As the driver has already given approval, the re-check will be instant with the new data being imported straight away
  6. A company can also setup a scheduled task for re-checks to take place at a frequency of their choosing

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